Friday, January 23, 2009

Updating Blog

I was reminded by a good friend of mine that it is very important to keep my blog fresh for people to want to come and visit my site. So since I don't have any new paintings at the moment I will share our Tinker with you. She is a little min-pin that my daughter got from her neighbor. Because of her work schedule it just didn't work out with Tinker being home all day by herself. My daughter couldn't bare to give her away because she and our grandson were very attached to Tinker, so she brought her up to me and her dad. I was not ready for a new dog as I still wasn't over the loss of our little Mindy that we had for 17 1/2 years. We could not have asked for a better dog than she was for us. She could have been a poster dog for adopting dogs from the humane society or other pounds like that. She was the best.
Mindy with our grandson Hunter taken about 6 years ago.

Ok, now getting back to Tinker, she is definitely a high maintenance dog! She is sneaky, conniving and drains us of most of our energy.
She gets into the garbage.
Bad dog!! Bad bad dog!

Tinker hides, lying in wait underneath blankets so that when you go by her she can attack you with the cunning grace of a wolf.

Ok, maybe not quite like a wolf, but the attacks are swift and vicious and if she was bigger I'm sure she would go for the throat.

After the attack is over she needs to rest and regain her energy. It takes a lot out of her after she is done with her grueling attacks. Her favorite resting place is usually on one of her victims, she needs to make sure they know who is boss.

Tinker with papa (Terry)

Another picture with papa.
Tinker with our son Terry Jr.
She loves to sit on your shoulder while you watch tv. I think it makes her feel bigger.

Tinker also has a prissy side to her. She doesn't like to get her feet wet. So if it has rained she walks around on her front feet trying to keep as many feet dry as possible. I think if she knew how to hop on one leg, she would do that to keep as many dry as she can.

But snow, she loves the snow.

Coming out of one of Hunter's snow forts.

Tinker likes to sled ride, here she is with Peete.

Here is Tinker chasing Kristi.

We have to be careful when Tinker is out in the winter because if it is too cold her legs freeze up and she gets real stiff and needs to come in and get warm. So Kristi got her a jacket to wear if it is cold out.

Tinker... aka Miss Priss showing off her new coat for winter.

Tinker also loves our grandson Hunter, she will cuddle with him every chance she can.

Tinker and Hunter cuddling on the chair.

After a long day, Tinker loves to cuddle with Kristi when she takes a nap. After all she is her mommy.

So all in all, Tinker has wormed her way into our lives. She will never be a dog like Mindy, but she brings plenty of laughter and doggie love into our home once again. It is never boring with her around. When she goes home with Kristi and Hunter on Kristi's days off it is very quiet around our home and we look forward to her coming back to us.


Tracy Hall said...

Oh judy what a brilliant account of life with Tinker! Those pics of her in the rain are hilarious :)

Judy said...

Tracy thanks for your nice compliment and also for reminding me to keep my blog up to date!

Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Never saw a little dog with such good balance, what a sweetie - well most of the time :) Looking forward to seeing more of her in the future.

Robin said...

What a great story!! Tinker looks like she's just full of personality!

Judy said...

Thanks Robin, she is a character!!

Sa said...

Hi! very nice to meet you, I'm Samantha from rome and i want to tell you that....this little dog is fantastiiiiiiiiiiiiic!!!!!!! i love dogs and all animals :)
so you work, is fantastic, you are great!
perdono per il mio inglese!
ciao ciao

Judy said...

Thank you Sa, for such nice compliments to my site.