Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tinker Video

Well, not much new art news on my end. I'm working towards a couple shows, but work is nothing that can be shown as yet. So to keep my site fresh, I thought I would tell another tale about Tinker. As a reminder, Tinker is my daughter's minpin that we are raising. We've been "blessed" with this little critter for over a year now in our home. I can not go anywhere in the house that she doesn't follow and bug me. She can't just sit quietly and let me do my thing, she has to make her presence known to me all the time. Ok, that isn't quite true, she does sleep at times, but if she isn't sleeping, eating or bugging my husband, then she wants my undivided attention. Here is a little clip where she wants me to talk to her. I'm ignoring her so she is "talking" to me. As you can see since I am ignoring her plea to talk to her she is at times pulling on my sweater and poking me with her nose. Oh what a dog!! BTW, it isn't that I enjoy ignoring her, but I love to hear her talk.

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