Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Game camera in our field

I don't have much to show as far as progress in my painting so I thought I would show you what I get on our game camera that is in our back field. First you see whitetail deer, these are what are supposed to come in and enjoy our salt block and corn. The little doe that are coming in are so thin and ragged from such a long snowy cold winter we had. They have not yet started bringing their fawns in, maybe in a couple weeks they will start coming in to feed with their moms.
However, somehow the coons think we put it there for them. They are a nightly pest that come in and enjoy the deers' corn. The deer and coon are so used to each other that they will eat together. Evidently they feel no threat towards each other so they will tolerate the sharing of the food.
Look at the size of these coons, evidently we feed them well!! :-(

Also, the coons feel no threat from the little gray fox that comes around once in a while. Probably because he is bigger than the fox. I don't know if you can see it well but the fox is walking behind the salt block in the photo.

As of late we've been seeing Wiley Coyote. I think he must smell the animals that are coming in to feed. I also think he is weary of the flash of the camera because he keeps his distance.

This morning I had quite a surprise when I downloaded my photos from yesterday. (The date is a day off as somehow I set it with the wrong date.) Anyways... this is the first black bear we've had come in this year. I think he is quite a large fellow!

We have had many curious visitors over the years that we have captured on our game camera. Fishers, gray fox, red tail hawks, ravens, porcupines, skunk, many different song birds, squirrels, dogs and cats. Here are some of my favorites from past years. The first one below is of a raven and hawk fighting. Actually the hawk won as the next photo that was on my camera after this photo was of the hawk sitting on the corn.

The next one is of a nice little buck that was coming in during the fall one year.

The last one is of buck fighting. I love this photo as I would never have been able to get photos like this if it weren't for my game camera.

I hope you enjoy my hodge podge of animals from my game camera.


pencilportraits said...

Brilliant photos Judy, you are just so lucky, all that in your backyard. Wow, I am so jealous, a bear, deer, foxes, hawks, all in your garden. I really do mean 'WOW'

Judy said...

Thank you Karie, I do enjoy all the animals, however I lose all my veggies and flowers because the deer eat everything I plant so I have given up gardening.

Tracy Hall: said...

Love your camera, judy. If I had one it would be a bit boring though...just rabbits I think :) Fantastic what wanders around your house after dark.

Judy said...

Thank you Tracy, we always wonder what is next that will be on the camera. One thing we have but have not gotten photos of are rabbits.

Paola said...

Wonderful camera! But did you really have a black bear near your house???Is it dangerous?? Here we have only some big wildboars who eat all they find!!
Ciao!! Paola

Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Lovely photos Judy, you get some fabulous wildlife in your 'garden'. Thank you for sharing :) Lesley

Judy said...

Yes Paola we do get bear near our homes. We have actually had them on our porch before. They can be dangerous but mostly they are just as afraid of you as you are to them. They usually go away from you and try to avoid you. You can get a mean one once in a while but those are usually ones that people feed. When they lose their fear of people are when they become dangersous. I do carry bear spray when I go for hikes.
I hear that those wild boars can be very dangerous too.
Lesley, thanks for your comments. BTW, can't wait to see your drawings.