Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

Since I don't have a painting to show you I thought I would invite you to tour our woods with us. We had a chilly but beautiful day here and the kids were home so we decided to take a nice walk in the woods. We live in the midst of the Allegheny National Forest so going for some great hikes are easy to do.
Terry and Niccho, Kristi, Hunter and Peete, and Terry and I climbed some rocks and went into some caves on the trail we were walking. (Tinker is with us, but you can't see her)
Here is Terry and Hunter walking around the base of one of the large rocks.
Terry and Niccho

Kristi and Peete

Peete holding up one of the rocks. :-)

Hunter taking a break.

Papa and Hunter coming out of one of the caves.

Kristi and Tinker looking into a cave.

Peete, Tinker, Papa, Kristi and Hunter near the cave.

Peete, Hunter and Tinker standing near the edge of one of the rocks we climbed.

Niccho taking a break.

Papa and Hunter standing in front of an odd shaped rock.

Walking along the path.

Papa in front of a cave.

Terry and Niccho looking at the view.


More rocks.

Kristi trying to come down a tight trail.

Terry and Hunter under one of the rock's overhangs.
Hunter (the toothless one) was getting tired so he hitched a ride on papa's shoulders.

This is just to show you what damage a porcupine can do. They will eat almost anything. Here is an aluminum sign they have gnawed on and have almost half the sign eaten. Well, that was the gist of our hike. The woods are beautiful, green and lush right now and a joy to walk through.


Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Fabulous Judy, I envy you these trails around your home. :) The rocks remind me of the film 'Last of the Mohicans'! No wonder you are so good at painting wood etc.

Tracy Hall: said...

What a beautiful place judy, you are so lucky!

Judy said...

Thank you Lesley and Tracy. It is a beautiful place around us. Some day you will see for yourselves... I hope. :-)

Paola said...

Judy these trails are very beatiful!! Is there any speleologist cave and climbing wall? But, what kind of porcupine do you have??? I think that in Italy is named Istrice and it is bigger than hedgehog!!:)) I'm just painting a little one in a stone!!
Ciao!! Paola

pencilportraits said...

Wonderful scenery Judy, I love being outside, we have some rocky areas near us called Symonds Yat that look like your photos, peregrine falcons nest there and it's just amazing to see them

Judy said...

Thank you Paola and Karie, it is beautiful. I read somewhere that the North American porcupine is the largest of the species and they can climb trees, which I guess the others don't?
I bet the falcons would be beautiful to see Karie,

Jesús Belly 3114 said...

Me encanta la naturaleza!!!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Great post. Looks like a great trail!