Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bird and Flower painting

I worked on the leaves of the irises today and a little bit on the chickadee. I think it is coming along pretty good so far.

Friday, June 26, 2009

New Painting update, ... Birds

Here is an update on my newest painting. Things have been hectic around here so not painting as much as I should be.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birds and Flowers

This is my newest painting that I've started. It is of a blue bird, 2 goldfinch, a chickadee, a swallowtail, several irises and some buttercups along an old fence post. It appears that I may have 2 paintings picked up by a company for the spring of 2010 and they are interested in other works with birds and flowers. So I'm hoping that when I get this done, they will also want it too. I will keep the paintings and the copyrights on all my paintings, they will just be using the images for flags, windsocks, mats and mail box covers. I will still have the paintings for sale from my site. When this happens I will be also selling some of the products from my website. I'm working this painting a little bit different this time. After I got it drawn on my board, I then did a quick wash with acrylics. Now I will start to paint it with my water based oils. I'm hoping it will make the painting go a little quicker. I will update you as I go.

Drawing on an 11 x 14 gessoed board.

After I put my wash on the board.
I will continue with updates on this painting as soon as there is enough done on it to show you my work in progress.