Thursday, August 20, 2009

Monarch Caterpillars

Nothing new to add to my paintings so I thought I would show you this. My neighbor and her nephew went looking to see if they could find Monarch caterpillars and they found this nice one here shown above that I beleive is full size (full grown). Look at the tiny baby caterpillars they also found. I never have seen any this small before. The littlest one is smaller than my little finger's fingernail is wide. I laid my hand in the photo so as to show you the perspective as to how small the little one is.
One more thing. I told her that they are endangered due to their habit loss so they took them back to the milkweeds where they found them.


Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Amazing that such a beautiful butterfly starts from such a teeny caterpillar. As they are endangered you are lucky to have them where you live Judy.

Judy said...

We have the milkweeds here that they eat, this is why we see them. Yes we are lucky to have them.

Jenny wren's nest said...

I convinced my husband to stop spraying the raspberries so I could pick them in the spring, and now he also avoids the milkweeds so we can enjoy seeing the monarch butterfly.

Judy said...

Hi Jenny, good he does not spray the milkweeds, the Monarchs really need them. They also have one of the nicest sweet aromas. I know it is a "weed", but it has a much nicer aroma than many of the garden flowers that people want to have planted around their houses.