Friday, August 7, 2009

Timber Rattlesnake

Timber Rattlesnake

My bird and flower painting is at it's finishing stage right now and the above is what I will be working on soon. This is a Timber Rattle Snake, they are in the northeastern part of the US and can be found right here in PA not too far from where I live. As much as I have hiked our woods I've never had the pleasure.. or there lack of.. of seeing one of these in the wild. This will be a commissioned oil painting for Mike Stimmell from a photo he took of this Timber Rattlesnake. As the painting progresses I will have updates posted.


Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Lots of people love snakes Judy, and this client obviously does! although I am with you, I would like to be a long way away from him. I bet you will make a superb job of this painting though. :) Lesley

Judy said...

Thank you Lesley, it will be interesting! :-)