Friday, September 4, 2009

Timber Rattle Snake

I finally was able to finish my rattle snake commission. This is a small painting, a 5 x 7 in size. I have to say this was a different painting for me to do and was fun. It did get a little tedious towards the end, but it was still fun to do. Now I will be starting on my horse portrait commission as soon as my canvas comes in for it. The horse will be done on an 18 x 24 so will be much different than this one for me to do. I love horses though so this will be fun to do to.


Peter Brown said...

It's not something I'd want hanging on my wall, but you did an exceptional job Judy!

Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Great job Judy! I admire how you made all his shiny scales so perfect :) Love all those brown fallen leaves also.

Judy said...

Thank you Peter and Lesley, I think it is a painting only true snake lovers would want hanging around :-) Thank you both for your nice compliments. The man that commissioned this is very thrilled with it and loves it so that is good.