Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Osprey Painting and Wildlife down back

I finally was able to finish my osprey painting. I'm happy with how it turned out. I haven't been able to work on it until I got other paintings done for some shows. I've been so busy with family and paintings for shows that I have left my blog sit too long. I hope I will be able to update at least once a week for a while, but time will tell.

Our our back window, you may see animals varying from raccoons, possums, turkey, deer, bear, coyote, hawk, fishers, porkies, squirrels and much more. I've attached some photos that I took from our back field for you to see.

Mama and 3 cubs

Big tom turkey

Mama bear with her 3 cubs, one is hiding as they are playing in the trees.

One of the cubs looking for mama.

Mama is on the lookout for danger for her babies.

doe and fawn


Gary Keimig said...

really great photos Judy. Your Ospreys came out wonderfully. It is a jewel of a painting.
Our river is dropping which should bring the Ospreys back from the lakes to fish the river. I get to watch them from my studio. What a blessing we have with such close observations.
Look forward to your next project.

Rascal Rescue said...

I have been anxiously awaiting a new post! The ospreys came out awesome!! And what amazing pictures! I would love to be able to watch that bear family....so cute!

Tracy Hall said...

Love the osprey painting judy! Always a joy to see the amazing wildlife you have around you too.

Karen said...

The Ospreys came out beautiful. Love the photos!!!

Carol Andre' said...

Beautiful piece, and lucky you getting to see that wildlife. I used to live where I got to see a bit of it- now the only wildlife I see are the wild parties by the neighbors! I miss the country. Thanks- I enjoyed the fawn especially- and looking forward to seeing your bear paintings.

Peter Brown said...

Great ospreys Judy! I have some fantastic photos of an osprey's nest, but don't yet have good shots of the inhabitants!

Amila Kanchana said...

Brilliant painting, brilliant photos! You are blessed to live in such close proximity to wildlife!

Brenda said...

beeautiful! so lucky to see the black bears and cubs...please show more photos when you get them!